Here's Why Takeaway Solutions is The Best Online Ordering For Thai Restaurants

Best online ordering system for Thai restaurants and why

Takeaway is one of the best benefits you can offer your customers. People love ordering their food from the convenience of their home and having it delivered to the door. If you don't currently offer takeaway service, we encourage you to read this article on our blog. We point out the exploding market for takeaway and why you need to offer the service. 

However, this doesn't always make your life easier, and with the amount in service commissions you have to pay for some delivery services, a takeaway order can cut deeply into your profits. 

Takeaway Solutions saw this problem and developed a better idea. An idea allowing customers to enjoy your great Thai food, and lets you keep more of your money in your pocket. 

We are a  commission-free delivery service, and this is how we help you

By using Takeaway Solutions, you eliminate the commission you typically pay to other delivery services. We do this by examining your delivery needs and charging you a set price. In other words, we stabilize the cost of delivery services in your profit equation. When determining your profit and expenses each month, you'll know exactly how much you will spend on delivery services. 

Additionally, many commission delivery services change the amount they charge frequently. We lock in the expense, making your profit margin manageable. 

Further benefits you'll get from using Takeaway Solutions

We offer more than the best online ordering system for Thai restaurants. We also offer additional benefits you won't find with other online networks. 

  • We allow images for every category and dish you serve. This helps expand your orders and increases your order size. Thai restaurants offer robust meals with a wide variety of flavours and spices. Many people will not know what the food looks like or what is in each course. To help people understand Thai food, and expand their ordering options, we offer an image service with room for descriptions.

  • Our convenient app makes it easy for customers to order. With the images and descriptions of each plate, customers can quickly choose their meals and order. After they register themselves on our app we can save their ordering information, and they don't have to re-enter all of their payment or location information. The software confirms payment and sends you the order. 

  • The online ordering system also cuts down on the time spent on the phone taking orders or booking tables. 

  • Once you have signed on to Takeaway Solutions, you will also receive a free table booking system. Again, this system allows you to free up the time of your staff and still maintain organisation over your dining room. 

  • Our app and website allow your orders to be placed in English, Thai, and a variety of other languages.

Takeaway Solutions is ready to be used, right now!

Here's another reason Takeaway Solutions is the best online ordering system for Thai restaurants, integration into your current ordering system is fast and easy. Our system is simple to implement and you can install it directly onto your website or your Facebook page. Your customers will also be able to use their phones with our enhanced mobile app ordering capabilities. 

Our system makes life easier for your customers, for your staff, and it saves you money from the exorbitant fees for commission delivery services. 

At Takeaway Solutions, we understand owners of restaurants are under a tremendous amount of pressure to cut costs and improve customer service. As you can see, we have created the perfect app for owners of Thai restaurants who want to increase their customer's experience while handling more orders with greater accuracy. 

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact Takeaway Solutions.