6 reasons why our online ordering is best for Thai Restaurants

Thai food is all about creating an experience for the customer, evoking those wonderful scents and visuals of the different flavours the cuisine offers. Admittedly, this is easier done in a restaurant than an online setting, but it is definitely not impossible. The market for Thai food is ever-growing, as is the online delivery market, so why not combine the two? 

There are many different reasons that online ordering systems for Thai restaurants are becoming more common, and it is better to embrace the trend now. As more restaurants compete for elite space in front of consumers, why not beat the competition by bringing your restaurant into the digital foray? An online ordering system for Thai restaurants is a smart business decision that provides a great return on investment. Takeaway Solutions has immense experience in helping restaurants succeed in this space, and here are a few reasons why our online ordering system is best for Thai Restaurants:

1) No commission

The first and foremost reason for using Takeaway Solutions is that there is no commission involved. While the behemoths of online delivery take away a large cut of your profits, we do not. The return on investment comes in from day one, and you are able to allocate your money the way you want to.

2) An industry standard among Thai restaurants

Across the world, hundreds of Thai restaurants have started offering online delivery, and with great returns. Not only does this give your Thai restaurant more exposure, but it also allows you to reach new customers and build a better business with long-term customers.

3) Image-friendly

Food and image are inextricably connected, and without having the right visuals, it is difficult to get new customers through the door or entice previous customers. Having an image-friendly delivery solution allows you to provide your customers with a full experience even if they have chosen to stay in rather than dine out. Having an online system that allows pictures for every category and every dish is important for increasing your average order size, which also makes it a lucrative option. 

4) Helps customers get to know your business better

The combination of online availability and images allows your customers to engage with your business in a far more involved way, which builds long-term loyalty overall. By having online ordering, you are providing customers with a convenient service, while maximising your own profits. There are few solutions out there that allow this balance. Not all customers know the name of each dish, but having an online accessibility and images of the different offerings allow customers to get to know your business better, and engage with it as well.

5) A full-service solution including free table booking systems, SEO website, and multiple language support

Takeaway Solutions is committed to helping restaurants succeed. While online delivery is one part of the service, restaurants need a full-service digital solution to really enable their success. This includes a free table booking system to reduce the coordination and logistics that are associated with table reservations, and automates the process.

Search engine optimised websites are another component of the solution, in order to ensure that your website matches the digital footprint you are creating with online ordering and table booking. We also offer orders printed in both Thai, English, as well as other languages.

6) Higher average spend per customer

Average Spend.jpg

Our Thai restaurant clients have a higher spend per customer from online orders versus their traditional in-store and over-the-phone orders.

Takeaway Solutions makes the complexity of ordering Thai food really simple while also presenting a number of up-sell opportunities throughout the ordering process.

Case Studies

In our experience, we have seen the difference our online ordering system can make for Thai restaurants. Implementing our solution allows these restaurants to see marked growth, better revenue streams, and better profit margins overall. Plus, these digital avenues provide a way to acquire new customers organically, while building a deeper connection with existing customer bases by offering them convenient services.

As an example, this is a video testimonial of how our commission-free system helps restaurant owners gain more control over their online ordering systems. And to see more of the digital solutions we offer, such as search engine optimised websites, and online table booking systems, here is an example website.

Curious to see more and learn how we can help your Thai restaurant enter a new digital age? Please contact us today to learn more about our online ordering systems for Thai restaurants.


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