How to create your own FREE online ordering system for your restaurant

A step-by-step VIDEO guide on how to build your own commission-free online ordering system for your restaurant.

We understand that people who work in the restaurant industry are really busy people. So we will put all the detail and answers to your questions later in this article. For those who want to just get started with something that works really well, here you go;

  1. Create an online account (click here) - Takeaway Solutions has a great platform that actually lets you trade for free with online ordering, table booking and delivery features included. This works with your existing website, Facebook page and they also have a free app for those serious about online ordering. Takeaway Solutions do have some premium services available if you need credit card processing ($30/mth), a Search Engine Optimised website ($20/mth), a custom brand app ($75/mth) or promotions/loyalty features ($30/mth).

  2. Check email and confirm account.

  3. Watch the step-by-step video below - This video runs through the key set-up processes to get your restaurant up and running with online orders.

If you have any questions about anything that is not mentioned in the video or need some help. Please contact us and we will both reply and add to this page.