Online Ordering: Is Your Restaurant Missing Out?

Businesses are like animals; they need to adapt to a changing environment in order to survive. Restaurants have seen this need firsthand, as the methods of ordering food have changed drastically over the past few years. In 2017, Fortune reported that in the previous year, "The percentage of orders booked online or using a smartphone or tablet app...exceeded the quantity placed verbally over the telephone." They also added that "in-person visits to restaurants—human beings actually sitting at a table to break bread—are declining." If your restaurant is missing an online ordering option, there are several reasons to consider adopting one.

Fewer Misunderstandings 

Ordering by telephone or in person was once a very popular way to buy food from a restaurant; indeed, for a time these were the only options. Today, though, these methods have flaws. For one, there is the problem of miscommunication. Between a loud restaurant and a customer calling from an area that may have had background noise, the odds of an order being placed or prepared incorrectly are great. When ordering online, however, the customer can clearly understand the options and place the order, and the restaurant will be able to deliver a dish that everyone is pleased with.

Greater Selection

Another benefit of ordering online is a greater selection. When an order is usually placed by phone, the customer would most likely not have a full menu in front of them. Even if this was the case, they may not know of specials that day that are being served. Online ordering eliminates this problem and will give customers more options. It would list the entire menu and can be updated to ensure the most up-to-date items and specials are listed on the site. While this may not always be a problem if the customer is present in the restaurant, increasing statistics are showing that fewer patrons are actually coming into the restaurant itself to order food. If the method people are choosing to use is online ordering, then your business has to be fully prepared. 

Improved Efficiency

With chefs, patrons, waiters, bartenders and others bustling around, a busy restaurant is a sight to see. Customers can feel the hectic atmosphere in a restaurant and this may affect their ordering. With a long line behind them and impatient people wanting to place their orders, restaurant-goers may feel pressured to place their order quickly and move on. Another issue with the method of in-person ordering is the pressured environment. The person ordering may not have the time to carefully analyse the menu and order what they really want. This can also diminish their desire to return to the restaurant. Online ordering gives the customer peace and plenty of time to review the menu before placing their order. It also keeps foot-traffic down in the actual restaurant, making it easier for waiters and bartenders to move about and focus on their tasks. 

No doubt, restaurants will need to adapt to changing times in order to thrive in an electronic world. Takeaway Solutions offers a commission-free online ordering and table booking platform so that your restaurant can make the most of the online ordering trend. With Takeaway Solutions by your side, your restaurant will be sure to benefit from, and not suffer from, the digital age and all it brings. To develop your online-ordering platform, contact us!