Advantages to Running Your Own Online Ordering Software

Today's digital world has put a huge emphasis on value for little money. Indeed a common phrase to explain free services is "if you're not paying for it, you are the product." The data gathered in the background areas of applications is hugely valuable. However, many online ordering services double dip. Not only do they get valuable data, but the restaurant has to pay to use the service. This is typically done by charging a commission for each online order taken. Here are five reasons to stop this cycle and use your own system.

#1: Dependency

When you own the system, you don't have to be dependent on another person's bottom line. Third party online ordering systems can change the commission rate on you with just a moments notice. Having your own system makes you more likely to be independent from a third party's desires. Also, you can change your pricing / menu as you see fit, without having to worry about how it fits into a third party system.

#2: Bottom line

If you sell more, you should have a better profit margin. However, commission based systems strip that cash away. This means that as your online system gets more popular, the profit margin stays the same. However, if you make your own system, that profit margin can keep going up with order volume.

#3: Customer Loyalty

Being able to keep orders in house ensures that you have a hand on quality. No one wants their order to be messed up. By keeping things in-house, customers can feel assured that their ordered is being handled correctly. That results in additional customer trust and loyalty.

#4: Information is Valuable

When you worked hard to get customers, you want to be able to use that information as you see fit. If you don't own the data, you can be locked out from it. Or worse, it can be hid behind a pay-wall where they extort more money from you to get your own data. Instead by owning your own data, you are never locked out from understanding current and future trends.

#5: Garbage In, Garbage Out

A lot of free pieces of software don't have anyone doing updates. That leads to a lot of bugs and problems in the future. If the system taking an order has a mistake, that could lead to lost customers. 

Instead the best route is to work with a software as service where you own the information. That's exactly what Takeaway Solutions does. You get the smooth support of a continually updating product, while still maintaining the crucial hold of data. To learn more about how this software may fit your restaurant, please contact us.