10 essential reasons to offer consumers access to your food online

Online ordering is more popular than ever with millions of people ordering online when hungry. More and more people turn to food outlets with online facilities.

Are you offering online options to local consumers? If not, you can be missing out on growing your business. Ordering online is convenient and satisfies consumers’ appetite for instant gratification. So, if your food outlet is not maximising its exposure on cyberspace, it is time you did.

With not all online ordering platforms created equal, Takeaway Solutions is leading the way with its commission-free solutions tailored for your business. Not convinced using an online ordering system is for you? Here are 10 reasons to offer consumers access to your food online.

1. Extremely good value for money

Takeaway Solutions offers extremely good value for money with no commissions. All you pay is a low subscription fee which gives you a fantastic return on your investment from day one.

Other online portals charge commissions on every order you take through their platform. As you grow, so does how much you pay them in commission. Is this what you want or need? Or, would you rather pay a subscription so you boost your bottom line faster?

2. People spend more money when they order online

When people order online, they tend to spend more money. They can order from the comfort of their home without feeling the pressure to hurry up when ordering in person or on the phone. Customers can take their time going through your menu, at their leisure, which can result in them buying extra items.

3. Keep your customer data

When you use Takeaway Solutions, you have access to customer data unlike other third-party ordering systems. You can keep a record and build your own database. This lets you understand your regular customers, their favourite foods, and when and how often they order from you. Now you can customise your customers’ experience when they order from your business.

4. Saves time and money

Offering online ordering saves customers and you time and money. It frees up staff time when they no longer have to take phone orders or process payments. No longer do staff have to spend time in long conversation with indecisive customers trying to make decisions, in a noisy and busy restaurant.

It also means you get the order correct every time which costs you less in wasted food. There can be no confusion as customers send their order through your online ordering system. You have it in writing. And, you have payment for the food before cooking and delivering the meals.

5. Flexible ordering

Connect your website to your Facebook page to reach more customers. This also allows you to convert prospects into paying customers. This is an easy process. All you have to do is enable the see menu and order button, and it works with pickup and delivery with a simple checkout. When you receive an order or table booking, confirm the order straight from your iOS or Android device.

And, if you don’t have a website, Takeaway Solutions can create one for you.

6. Really easy to use

The Takeaway Solutions online ordering system is really easy to use. Plug it in to your current website and Facebook page and, within 48 hours, you are good to go. The sign-up process is easy with us guiding you every step of the way.

7. Online credit card processing

Takeaway Solutions makes it easy for customers to pay and for you to process credit cards online. The more payment options offered customers, the easier it is for them to complete their orders. This results in fewer abandoned shopping carts because you do not take their favourite payment method.

8. Delivery management

Manage delivery to your online customers. Set a minimum spend before delivery becomes available. Having a delivery driver for your food business makes a lot of sense. It costs a lot less than using the services of other companies like UberEats and you can control customer service.

9. Advanced marketing and customer loyalty

Using an online ordering system helps to build your brand. You have the option for advanced marketing to help build customer loyalty by:

  • sending out monthly newsletters

  • creating branded discounts

  • running loyalty programs

  • using email and SMS to run marketing campaigns

  • up-selling and cross selling products.

These are only a few marketing tools you can use in conjunction with your online ordering system.

10. Custom branded applications

Sign up with Takeaway Solutions, and customers can download and use the free app to order from your business. You can brand the app with your logo and style, and it works on both Android and iOS personal devices.

Talk to the Takeaway Solutions experts to get your online ordering system up and running. You can choose a package that suits your business. Be surprised at the price. Contact us now!



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