Closing for Holiday Procedure

Best practice for disabling Online Ordering, Delivery or Table reservation is to disable the restaurant services on the days you are closed. This is done by;

  1. Logging in to your management console - > LOGIN

  2. Choose the corresponding service and make it INACTIVE by changing the setting from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’.


This will mean that your clients will be unable to place orders at your restaurant.

Important Announcement Bar for your SEO website

If you are using our Sales Optimised Website (SEO Website) features, we recommend using the Important Announcement feature to communicate important information to your customers. i.e. For holiday closure dates.

Important Accounement Website Banner.jpg
  1. Access the SOW editor by going to the ‘Setup’ section of your management console, then ‘Publishing’, then ‘Sales Optimized website’, then View & edit website

  2. Then go to ‘edit mode’ and insert an ‘Important announcement’.

  3. In the SOW edit mode, you can select the Add Section button and choose from the drop down menu the Important Announcement Section.

  4. After, you fill in with the text of your choice and ‘save’ the announcement will appear on your website.

Important Accounement.png
Fill Details.png