Alternative to OrderUp!



Accepting your online orders doesn’t need to cost you any commission. Allowing companies to charge you a commission puts a significant pressure on the profitability of each order and increases your dependence on a third parties to bring you business. OrderUp charges the restaurant a fee each time they receive an online order, which adds up to be a significant cost for the restaurant owners.

In case of OrderUp!-like platforms, the commissions have been known to increase into double-digit percentages on every single order (just look at UberEats who are now charging over 40% in New Zealand). Why pay commission on orders from your regular customers, just because they prefer to order online! This means that the more orders you take, the more fees you pay.

Are you paying lots of fees to OrderUp! at your restaurant?


At Takeaway Solutions, having come from the restaurant industry, we don’t think this is fair and thought we would do something about it.  Our online ordering solution is the perfect alternative to OrderUp!.  Restaurant & Café owners can take as many online orders as they like without paying a single dollar in commission.

When we say, “no commission” we mean exactly that, more specifically: 

  1. No charges on revenue

  2. No binding contracts

  3. No hidden fees


Get your own restaurant ordering system!

Unlimited commission-free orders


Takeaway Solutions highlights

We of course offer a whole lot more than commission free. Our beautiful online ordering system also allows you to;

> Integrate with your existing website.  (We can also make Google optimised website too).
> Let customers to place orders via your Facebook page.
> Optimise for smartphone ordering.
> Automatically capture customer information and storing in your database.

> Create and market special offers and promotions.
> Offer both pick-up and delivery options.
> Manage and run more than one location. There are many other features available and we are happy to answer your OrderUp! Competitor questions